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We redefine the standards of service and partnership.  Born from the well-established foundation of Institute Agility, we pride ourselves on an energetic, personalized, client-centric approach that sets us apart from traditional big consulting firms.


Unlike the one-size-fits-all methodology often employed by larger firms, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring tangible, measurable results.  Our team believes in close, collaborative partnerships, allowing us to be more responsive and flexible with each client. 

Our Services


Operating Model

Our Operating Model Modernization service helps you transform your organization's processes and mindset to achieve fluent value delivery and a responsive organization. This service encompasses a

three-step approach:


Change Enablement

Change Enablement is about guiding your organization through transitions with fluency and confidence. Our service follows a three-step approach to ensure effective and sustainable change.


Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management service provides strategic alignment and transparency of your organizational investments, ensuring fluent execution and value delivery. This service follows a three-step approach:

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Neville Poole, CEO

CEO of Fluent

Neville is an inspiring visionary leader with a passion for driving transformative change. With a focus on strategic implementation, she emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and transparency to achieve real and lasting impact. Neville excels in fostering strong, enduring relationships with team members and clients ensuring a unified approach to success.

Her expertise spans the development and implementation of lean, value-based operating models, the reinvention of business processes, and the leadership of multicultural, multigenerational teams.


Neville has a proven track record of navigating complex organizational landscapes, delivering results for small and midsized organizations.

Outside of her professional life, Neville enjoys spending time at the beach, reading and trying new spas across the world. She also has a refined appreciation for red wine and bourbon, enjoying these moments of relaxation and connection.

Our Team


I'm willing to pay a premium for Christy to bring new ideas and tell me what to look into.

Megan Anderson,

Senior Director of Business Operations and PMO, Adobe


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